Monday, May 11, 2009


(Me finishing my longest day of training ever. An 81 mile bike ride (5 hours) and a 10 mile run (1 hour, 39 minutes. I jumped in the pool and went swimming right after this.)

Last week was one of those never-ending training weeks. A week of Long distances on the swim, bike and run. I set a personal record in both daily and weekly distances in swimming, running and biking with the biggest day last Saturday with a 5 hour (81 mile) bike ride followed by a 10-mile run.

It was one of those weeks where when Karen asked me what training I did that day I would start off saying something like,
"well, I swam 4,000 yards."
Then Karen would say, "and then?"
I would say, "I rode the Honu course plus extra, about 65 miles."
"And then?"
"I ran for an hour on this really hot and hilly road."
"And then?"
Well, you get the point. It's crunch time for Honu and last week and this week are heavy training weeks.

I love this clip. "And then?"

This week I'm hitting the hills hard on the bike and the run. Swimming the Honu course and hitting the hills again with a long run and a long bike ride thrown in later in the week. Then comes the taper. Less than three weeks till Honu.

(On the road to Hawi. It's a little blurry but a canoe race with a dozen or so canoes where just leaving Kawaihae Harbor and heading north for an 8 or 10 mile race. This was taken during my 5 hour ride.)


BreeWee said...

YOU DID so good, I am so excited about your LONG day, it is in the bank, ready for Honu! I am so happy for you, AWESOME is the only word to describe it!
Thanks for swim/run today...

Recover well, hugs to Karen!

debbie said...

Hi Randy, I have been so busy lately I hardly have to read my favorite blogs. Honu sounds so exciting. Someday I hope to see at the finish line. Man, you are really working hard for this. Have you ever considered "Survivor. I think you would be a fantastic contestant. You have great will power and can endure so much. Plus you could win one million dollars. Any way they are taking three minute videos for their next show try outs now. Think about it. So keep up the great training. What is the actual event date any way? I have to finish reading your posts. I can't wait to read the one with the dog pics, it looks like a good one, I saw it as I was skimming my way down to where I last left you. Love ya deb


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