Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ah, to be 17 again.

Karen, Rebecca and I went to see the movie "17 Again" yesterday. I have to admit it was funnier than I thought it would be and quite entertaining.

Well, today at the Peaman 10 mile mosey race, for a brief moment, I felt 17 again. I felt like I was back in high school when I could run as hard as I could for as long as I wanted. Mind you, I said for a brief moment during the race -- then the sugar and caffeine from the energy gel wore off and I came back to reality.

But for the briefest of moments ... Ah, I was 17 again, and a runner.


BreeWee said...

You are so much fun to see out there, you looked happy and strong when we passed each other, im telling you, there is nothing like small town Kona races with each other!

Glad you had that 17 moment again... running is awesome! I felt 12 yrs old, then 29 when panic set in, then 5 high fiving all of you... ha ha! BUT that darn wife of yours, I can not believe she let Leann on the back of her scooter... she needs to be punished for that, ha ha, make Leann walk! ha ha, that was the most hilarious part of the day!! BY FAR!

see ya at practice tomorrow!

Karen said...

At least you felt it if only for a moment. I felt like I was 75 during my two miler.

debbie said...

You actually don't look much older than that either. What a terrific feeling that must have been. Not bad for someone who will be 50 in a few days.

LeAnn said...

Randy, you did sooooo good. You left me in the dust at mile one. I was over it at mile two...then check out the waves at mile 3.5. And youre wife saved me!!!! I love her.


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