Monday, November 17, 2008


“Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.” — Archbishop of Malines-Brussels

Brand new Asics running shoes, brand new running shorts, new bike shorts, new training music, just got the bike tuned up at Cycle Station, and I'm working on a new training plan. I'm ready to go. Dreaming of possibilities, potential and perfect races.

But for now, I just have to wait. Time to let the knee, body and mind recover from last season and from surgery.

My knee is feeling great. I went swimming on Saturday and again today (Monday). No problem with the knee. So another couple of weeks of downtime and then 16 weeks until Lavaman and a couple months later is Honu (Hawaii Ironman 70.3).

This is the year for me to compete. Last year was all about survival — just wanting to finish the race, but this year I want to compete. I want to train hard and race hard. At least that's what I hope I do. It's easy to talk when the race is months away. It all comes down to training. Training hard so I can race hard. That's my dream for this year. Injuries will more than likely creep up along the way, but I'll deal with those when they happen.

For now, I'm just dreamin' and gettin' ready ...


BreeWee said...

Yahooooooo! That is a praise report if ever I heard on!

debbie said...

Good Randy! Great Attitude and nothin' else matters!!

Bruce said...

Glad to read things are looking good. Recently my knees have felt a lot better, too, in spite of a steep hill or two (on a smallish bike) each time I go to the pool. A friend I often swim with suggested I enter a 100m swim race next year, so that is something else I'll be training for. I'm trying to keep my elbows lower when swimming!


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