Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Our son Daniel is enduring the Crucible at Marine boot camp right now. It started in the early morning hours on Tuesday and will go for 54 hours. He and the rest of Mike Company will get little sleep, food or rest as they march, fight and learn to work together to take up the gauntlet that is the Crucible. Here is a video of Daniel's platoon taken on Friday. Daniel is the last recruit in the last row of recruits just before they zoom out and show the platoon leader and drill sergeants. You can hit the pause button to get a better look at these boys who are in the process of becoming men and defenders of our country.

If you read this before Thursday morning, please keep Daniel and the rest of his platoon, Platoon 3275, in your prayers. This training will teach them to survive in combat. Pray that they will learn their lesson well. There is a prayer chain of parents and family for the platoon as the recruits struggle over the next 54 hours, but your prayers will be greatly appreciated.

Come Thursday morning, those who survive the Crucible will become United States Marines. Daniel will graduate boot camp Sept. 5 at Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego.

You can read more about the Crucible on Karen's blog. Just scroll down to "THE CRUCIBLE" blog entry. It will describe what the recruits are going through.

Semper Fidelis
(Always Faithful)


debbie said...

Wow guys, I am so proud of Daniel and the entire Platoon 3275. I know you must be bursting at the seams. It seems a little frightening what they are about to endure, but I bet they are prepared,ready and able to except this challenge. I have never, ever, done anything in my life that has demanded so much discipline.What an Honor to do this for your Country. I will and have been praying for them and hope they will succeed. It's not much but I think I will also fast for the next 54 hours just to put a little more perpective on their situation. Heres to hoping they NEVER have to use this training and Thank God for it if they ever do.

ariel said...

oh wow... no i couldnt find isaac... i'm sure he's in there towards the top neways... congratulations for completing such a task. ... now daniel, when he gets back, might like to go running lol...

jk, or even swimming for a distance - nah. but congrats and i wish them the best.


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